Problem or Solution - Arteta

problem or solution - Arteta

According to Mikel Arteta, the opposite is, in fact, the reality. The Arsenal Maestro said:



The way I see myself in that relationship is the solution, not the problem…I’ve been the solution, 100%.’



The problem is, that both opinions cannot be is one or the other. So, who is correct? Was Arteta the problem..or the solution?


What The Stats Say…


In our article ‘3 Stats That Show Why Aubameyang May Go…‘, we highlighted this important fact:


This means that Auba’s strike rate has dropped to 40.74%. Or, to put it simply, 2 goals in every 5 games that he plays…So, with a pre contract strike rate in the mid 60’s percentage wise, and a similar percentage at Dortmund, Auba’s strike rate has decreased by a third percentage wise (64 down to 40).



With Aubameyang dropping his strike rate by around a third after signing his new contract, something was definitely off. Aubameyangclearly had a problem…what was it? Could it have been Arteta?



Why Arteta IS NOT The Problem


With Auba’s form so poor after signing his contract, his departing comments seem to lay the blame at the feet of the manager. Is this correct?


  • Aubameyang was Captain from 5 November 2019 – 14 December 2021..During which time his goal rate slowed down considerably.
  • Aubameyang was also entrusted with the role of lead, and central striker on most occasions.


So, if Arteta was the problem, we would expect to see that Auba’s creative flair to have been significantly restrained or curtailed.

The facts speak otherwise. Aubameyang was not only entrusted with the Captaincy, but was often played as the ‘go to’ striker, the talisman for the team. So, there is no evidence that supports a claim that Arteta in some way was the reason why Aubameyang had a massive drop off in form. The form dip occurred only after Arteta had authorised a new and improved contract for Aubameyang..supposedly an incentive for the Gabonese striker to unleash his attacking force. However, things did not work out.

So, if Arteta wasn’t the problem, was he the solution?


Why Arteta IS The Solution..


One of the criticisms that have been levelled against Arteta is that he has let go of many millions of pounds of players on ‘Free’ transfers..or simply cancelled the contract of others. How should we view that?

This is what Arteta said:


The squad composition and the contract situations were catching up in many of those situations and we had to make decisions and be fair as well with players who have not had a lot of minutes this season.


In other words, the decision to let a lot of players go was with the motivation to help players who ‘have not had a lot of minutes’….to allow players to get game time elsewhere.

This appears to be the case with Aubameyang too. Although it is true that getting a massive wage off the club’s budget is very welcome, it is also true that Aubameyang was not likely to get much game time, since his view of discipline and the clubs seemed to be at odds.

So, whilst the decision to release Aubameyang would suit the club financially, it also allowed a player that many still feel to be ‘world class’ to get the opportunities that another club could provide. In other words:



“it ended up in the best possible way for everybody”


So, is Arteta the solution…absolutely. Arteta has managed, at the same time, to serve the interests of the club, and to serve the needs of the player.

It is true that most clubs would not simply walk away from the option to sell valuable players, instead releasing them. That is why Artetamust be praised for being so brave.

Whether or not we agree with the decision to axe Auba in the first place, Arteta has done no wrong to anyone in allowing him to fulfil a dream..that of playing for Barcelona.



Sorry Auba…In our humble opinion, if there is a problem, it is not Arteta….





This article first appeared on London Metro News