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Burma Tours - Are They Safe?

 When it comes to touring Myanmar, or Burma, this beautiful South East Asian land has many delights! As owner of window cleaning Sydney , I like to get away, and, following the advice of some friends from Myanmar, I thought about giving it a go. But, is now the right time to go? Two Areas To Consider When it comes to visiting Burman(Myanmar), I am reliably informed that the two main areas to consider are the lowland coastal region, including areas such as Yangon(Rangoon), and the moutainous areas which are home to the Chin tribes and villages. Of course, there are the Rohingya occupied areas, however, instability in the region would generally discount choosing this as an area to visit. A Brief History of Myanmar The land that was formerly known as Burma, and is now known as Myanmar, has a rich and varied history. The people and culture date back thousands of years, however, for the sake of this article, we will consider just the more modern history, when interaction with Western Civila

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