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Sydney and London Compared

 When you compare two great cities such as London and Sydney, it is almost an impossible task. After all, the demographics, climate, historicity, and transport systems are completely different. However, we will try to compare them based on liveability, how easy it is to live in each city as compared to the other. However, you may wonder: what qualifies me to be able to compare both cities? Let me explain. Since 1998, I started a business which would become known as window cleaning Bondi . Bondi is an area in the more affluent Eastern suburbs of Sydney, bordering the invitingly warm Tasman Sea. This area, apart from it's wealth, has commanding views of the beaches, city, harbour, and the better known landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. As such, with the longevity of my career,  and the experiences that I have accumulated, I believe that I have a knowledge of Sydney that very few have. Now, when it comes to London, I can offer similar insights. Although I was born i

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