Burma Tours - Are They Safe?

Is It Safe For Burma Tours?

 When it comes to touring Myanmar, or Burma, this beautiful South East Asian land has many delights! As owner of window cleaning Sydney, I like to get away, and, following the advice of some friends from Myanmar, I thought about giving it a go. But, is now the right time to go?

Burma Tours

Two Areas To Consider

When it comes to visiting Burman(Myanmar), I am reliably informed that the two main areas to consider are the lowland coastal region, including areas such as Yangon(Rangoon), and the moutainous areas which are home to the Chin tribes and villages.

People of Myanmar

Of course, there are the Rohingya occupied areas, however, instability in the region would generally discount choosing this as an area to visit.

A Brief History of Myanmar

The land that was formerly known as Burma, and is now known as Myanmar, has a rich and varied history. The people and culture date back thousands of years, however, for the sake of this article, we will consider just the more modern history, when interaction with Western Civilazations began. So, what would a brief history of Burma look like?

The interaction with Western countries began mostly in the 18th Century when the British East India Company, an important asset of the British Empire of which it was said that the sun never sets, took an interest in the land. This commercial interest led to increasing conflicts and raids on Burma until, on 1 January 1886, Burma was annexed by the British Empire and became British Burma.

It is not hard to see why this would have happened, however as with most occupations, the rule by a foreign power would not last indefinitely. So it was, that in 1948, Burma achieved independence. Would local rule lead to lasting peace for the Burmese people? No.

Burma(Myanmar) then became subject to military rule from 1962-2011, and again more recently. In addition, the land has been subject to civil wars, and claims of 'ethnic cleansing' and other charges.

Main Tourist Areas To Consider Visiting

Despite geopolitical issues that still continue in 2021, Burma has great areas to visit, and tour. Top of the list of places to visit is the capital Yangon(see top photo), why? Yangon is a wonderful blend of 3 main cultures: Indian, Chinese and Burmese. In addition, your visit to Burma will likely begin at the International Airport, which is found in the capital.

Next on the list is Bagan.

Bagan in Burma(Myanmar)

Why visit Bagan? As mentioned earlier, Burma is a land of rich history, and nowhere is this more present than in this wonderful area.

Bagan is home to more than 2500 temples and temples, many dating back hundreds if not thousands of years! Just a little tip though, if you are going to visit. Try to visit the area when the sun rises and sets, it contributes greatly to the ambience of the region. For an added treat, take a hot air balloon ride, and see the area in all it's splendour!

How To Get To Burma

Just a quick caution, 2020-21 has seen the rise of Covid-19, which has greatly reduced the ability to visit this amazing land. However, for the sake of this article, let's assume that the Pandemic will be over shortly, and you will be able to visit. How do you begin?

Burma is a major tourist destination, so finding an airline that visits shouldn't be too difficult. However, if your aim is to visit as many great places as you can within a short period of time, simply Google 'local travel agents near me' and you'll find where to begin.

The advantage of Googling 'local travel agents near me' is that a local travel agent will know important information such as:

  • Visa Applications and Requirements
  • Best Departure Airport For The Best Value Airlines
  • Baggage Allowances And Travel Times
  • Great Package Deals

Having the best tour of Burma is something that will require careful planning, so I recommend consulting a travel agent. These days most travel agents will only charge a minimal fee, and some will be paid by the tour operators for their recommendations, thereby removing the charge to you.

As mentioned, currently the number of Burma tours will be minimal, or non-existant. However, if all international travel resumes shortly, I highly recommend taking a Burma tour so that you can see all that this magnificent blend of cultures has to offer!