Sydney and London Compared

 When you compare two great cities such as London and Sydney, it is almost an impossible task. After all, the demographics, climate, historicity, and transport systems are completely different. However, we will try to compare them based on liveability, how easy it is to live in each city as compared to the other.

London UK

Sydney Australia

However, you may wonder: what qualifies me to be able to compare both cities? Let me explain.

Since 1998, I started a business which would become known as window cleaning Bondi. Bondi is an area in the more affluent Eastern suburbs of Sydney, bordering the invitingly warm Tasman Sea.

This area, apart from it's wealth, has commanding views of the beaches, city, harbour, and the better known landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. As such, with the longevity of my career,  and the experiences that I have accumulated, I believe that I have a knowledge of Sydney that very few have.

Now, when it comes to London, I can offer similar insights. Although I was born in London, my work whilst residing in the city, for 8 years, and my editorial role at Business Directory UK, means that I have a knowledge of both the city, and local businesses, attractions, and lifestyle that, again, very few would have had the chance to experience.


When it comes to being able to live in a city, lifestyle is often dictated to some degree by the climate of the city. Yes, it is true that if you work in an office, temperature, rain et al, may not be such a pressing concern, buy who lives somewhere with no expectations of ever going out for the day?

As such, Sydney is a clear winner when it comes to climate. 

Bondi Beach, Sydney

The reason for this is that Sydney enjoys a subtropical climate which can be characterised by two main seasons: a dry, cool to warm season and less rain, with prevailing Westerly winds..followed by a humid, warm, wet season with Easterly winds.

When you compare Sydney to say, Perth, the difference is immense. Whilst Sydney summers can be hot, and sometimes record breaking heat, the average is lower than on the West coast as the wind direction brings the air from the cooler ocean. This also allows fairly regular rain, which means that Sydney is often lush and green, whereas Perth is dry and semi-arid.

So, why is this a clear winner over London? London is a cool temperate region. This means that whilst London enjoys fairly uniform rainfall, temperatures are often lower than optimal for outdoor activities. For instance, in London during winter, the maximum temperature is often less than 10 degrees Celsius, and can be rainy with it! Summers in London are amazing, but short. Whereas Sydney in summer averages around 29 degrees, London is a refreshing 24 degrees, which is perfect for sports activities.

Again, whereas Sydney wins this section, the sun in Sydney is more overhead, meaning that sunburn and skin cancer are much more of a risk than in London.


It is always going to be hard to win a section against a city with thousands of years of history, and Sydney can't quite pip this one. 

Don't get me wrong, Sydney has HEAPS to see and do. Unlike some of the other Australian cities, Sydney is well located, optimised for enjoyment, and caters equally well for local residents. However, London has a culture and history that defies belief. 

If you are not into museums, art galleries, and architecture, London can still offer much in the way of modern pleasures, such as Center Parks, Chessington World of Adventures and the like.

Whilst I have awarded this section to London, I firmly believe that if you were to live in either of these fine cities, you would find sufficient attractions to enjoy over the long term.


It might seem obvious that the winner of this section should be Sydney, but you would be wrong.

That might sound crazy, but here's why. London is centrally located to the Alps, Mediterranean, Middle East, and the States. As such, even if the hectic way of life in the UK capital becomes all too much, an escape is close, and easily affordable.

Lifestyle in the actual cities clearly would go to Sydney with it's accomodating climate, however, London pips this one because it is a gateway to whatever you want, whenever you need it.

As a city which, in it's greater area, is around one and a half times that of Sydney, London is also more cosmopolitan and diverse. It's blend of cultures, whilst not always harmonious, has cured a wonderful blend of globe encompassing culture that can satisfy any cravings, senses, and sensibilities!

And The Winner Is....

Well, actually, there is no clear winner....for every age group.

However, there is a clear winner for young adults - Sydney why? The lure of outdoor living, camping, barbecues, and sun, is just too much for young adults to pass up. It is pretty much everything they enjoy about their best holidays, and can be enjoyed every day of every year. So, if you are a young person, you may wish to spend your youth in Sydney. Sydney even has a reciprocal visa arrangement with the UK, meaning that you can work hassles

For the mature members of our community, London is winner hands down. Why? London allows day trips, weekends away, or longer stays, in Europe or the United States. In addition, better travel options such as the London Underground, mean that you are only a few minutes away from wherever you need to go.

With all of this in mind, you pretty much can't lose if you choose either of these two fine what are you waiting for? Have At It!!!